IC-PBL (Industri-Coupled Project Based Learning) Course

This course is on the theory of computational design and its application. Latest design research, design computing methodologies will be discussed in the class. The objective of this course is to approach design process computationally. Unlike traditional ways of exploring forms with hands and pencils, this course offers a way to explore forms with data and rules. To do that, students will go through as follows:

  1. Data Collection: Collecting all kinds of data through sensors, user observation or even word semantics.
  2. Identifying Rules: Formulating design rules from the collected data to create reconstructable designs.
  3. Synthesizing Designs: Computing novel design alternatives that fulfill design rules.

This course can teach students how data-driven design can support their design thinking and creativity. Ultimately, students will create their own Platform to design computationally. Students will use Processing & Python to create designs computationally. Coding skills are not prerequisite to this course.

Course Schedule (2020 Spring)

Week 1. Introduction to Design Computing
Week 2. Algorithm & Form
Week 3. Parametric Design & Shape Grammar
Week 4. Data Collection Methods
Week 5. Data-Driven Design Methods and Implementations
Week 6. Special Lecture
Week 7. Algorithmic Design I & II
Week 8. Hand Drawing Skills – Color & Material
Week 9. No Class
Week 10. Individual Meeting (discussion on the Term Project)
Week 11. Midterm Presentations
Week 12. Virtual Reality and Real Virtuality
Week 13. Desk Critique
Week 14. Desk Critique
Week 15. Desk Critique
Week 16. Final Presentation (Term Project Due)

Selected Student Works

2018 Spring

Design Drawn by Coding
by Shin Jong Hoon

Pattern generating software

2018 Spring

Image-Based Nonogram Generator
by Hwiwon Chun

Nonogram generating software

2018 Spring

Platform Game Random Map Generation
by Eugene Tan

2017 Fall

Genetic Beats
by Simon Asp

Online Publication:

2017 Fall

Thermal Optimization based Glass Curtainwall Facade Design
by Sangwon Lee

2017 Spring

Seoul Bike Data Visualization
by Hyunjoo Kang

2017 Spring

by Hanol Rim & Hyeonsun Jeon

2017 Spring

Design by Computer (Random Based Design Generator)
by Jason Thuer

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