Postdoctoral Positions

The postdoctoral position is now closed.

Graduate Students
2022 Spring (2022 봄학기)

The graduate research position is available for students who have participated as a research intern or undergraduate researcher for a minimum of six months.

If you are interested in applying for the research internship program, please send your CV to hoonhello@hanyang.ac.kr

The successful candidates will have a strong background in:

- Design (architecture, interior, industrial and graphic)
- Programming (c, java, python or a similar programming language)

Experience in the following fields is highly desirable:

- Data mining
- Network analysis
- Machine learning
- Design computing

Design Informatics Lab supports full tuition and living expenses for graduate students.

Undergraduate Students & Research Intern
Rolling Application (상시지원)

The undergraduate research position is also available for highly motivated students.

If you are interested in joining the lab,
Please contact Prof. Hyun for a meeting at hoonhello@hanyang.ac.kr

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